Mastermind Group Mentoring for Entrepreneurs



Mastermind group mentoring for entrepreneurs and executives who want to grow and make a breakthrough in their business, break the vicious circle of ‘working hard but earning nothing’, and who seek to take control over development and growth.

As of 2 February 2024, you will begin a journey of three months that will see you initiate a change in your business and notice a financially measurable benefit and result even before the journey has ended.

Results sought by the programme:

  • Determination of own business stage according to the Adizes methodology;
  • Analysis of own leadership style, identification of strengths and weaknesses;
  • Strategic business planning, preparation of budget for 1 to 3 years, decomposition of actions in the short and long term;
  • Clarifying your business values, creating the business mission and vision;
  • Setting up your business KPIs and development of systematic monitoring skills.

Work in a closed group of up to 10 permanent participants. Confidentiality agreements will be signed with the participants. Participants will be informed about the composition of the group before the start of the programme. Regular meetings and verified mastermind methodology, as well as other business development methodologies, purposeful guidance towards the achievement of set goals and improvement of financial performance.

Group will be moderated by Rūta Ūsaitė-Duonielienė, a lecturer and financial expert, business mentor with more than 20 years of practice in corporate finance and accounting, author of the programme ‘ABC of Finance for Non-Financers’.

Work algorithm throughout the group mentoring process:

  • Duration of 3 months = 10 working meetings on the Zoom platform;
  • Free individual strategic session for the participant – consultation (1 hour) before the start of the group;
  • Closed Facebook group 24/7 and closed messaging channel Messenger 24/7;
  • Submission and analysis of business inquiries;
  • Continuous support;
  • Weekly tasks after the meetings to guide you towards the achievement of set goals and improvement of financial performance. Accountability to the group and yourself.

Approval of participation in the group is subject to the completion of the registration form and the strategic session with the group moderator Rūta Ūsaitė-Duonielienė, as well as receipt of payment.

Participation price:

  • Standard package €350 (plus VAT);
  • VIP package €650 (plus VAT) + 3 individual consulting sessions.

Programme and content:

Meeting 1 – Getting acquainted and determination of the stage of the company (business) according to the Adizes methodology. Analysis of available resources and starting point A, formulation of the ideal end result, setting goals.

Meeting 2 – External analysis of competing businesses: do competitors perform better? What does this demonstrate to my business?

Meeting 3 – Financial budgeting of your business for 1 to 3 years.

Meeting 4 – Determination of own management style based on the Adizes management styles test. Analysis of the manager’s style and strengths. Homework: your company team test.

Meeting 5 – Sales structure analysis and cost structure analysis.

Meeting 6 – Measuring the interim results of your business or what change has occurred/is happening since the beginning of your participation in the group.

Meeting 7 – Refining your business KPIs, creating a monitoring system.

Meeting 8 – What is your business mission, vision and values?

Meeting 9 – Guest external expert in the field chosen by the group participants (marketing, human resources, etc.).

Meeting 10 – Closure. Analysis of the work performed. Assessment of the results. Feedback and announcement of follow-up actions. Issuance of certificates of participation.

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Mastermind Group Mentoring for Entrepreneurs