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According to the laws in force in Lithuania, the foundation of a legal entity entails the obligation to maintain proper accounts and ensure reporting to the controlling authorities.

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Financial Analysis Services

You think you have a great business idea and would like to have it checked and evaluated by a professional business expert? Please contact us and our business expert will get in touch with you.

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Business Consulting

Whether preparing for a start-up, founding a company, expanding their business or experiencing a recession, executives have countless questions. Please register for an online consultation session or a face-to-face meeting.

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PPWIS Service

These are packing and waste record keeping services which include making entries in registers, completing bills of lading and log journals in PPWIS, a unified Product, Packaging and Waste Record Keeping Information System.

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Mission, Vision and Values

No organization can function without financial accounting. We believe that accounting services are extremely important for the economy. Accounting service companies contribute to the creation, growth and development of businesses, and as businesses grow, so does our country.  

As an accounting partner of many businesses, we have spent many years figuring out who we are. Where are we going and what are we aiming for? We have come to the conclusion that our team of professionals is united by shared values and approach to work, as well as understanding of our responsibilities and contribution to businesses we are working with.

Žinius’ Mission Statement. To enlighten and educate business owners and managers through financial accounting. When conducting financial accounting, we aim to make the language of numbers and indicators understandable, so that numbers become a tool for growing businesses and the country to achieve their ambitious goals. 

Žinius’ Vision Statement. Our vision is a socially responsible business, a rich country, a prosperous and dignified society. We seek to work for and become advisors to companies that are socially responsible and base their work and development on a long-term vision, i.e., companies that just like us strive for a strong and prosperous country.

Rūta Ūsaitė-Duonielienė is the CEO of Zinius company

Our values

Life-long learning

We are in a business where we cannot afford to stop learning. Only through continuous learning we can offer our clients highly qualified services, advice and training.


We conduct business transparently and teach our clients to do the same. We also expect this from our suppliers and partners. We have clear cost-based pricing.


We follow the 3R rule: respect and parity for all employees, respect for clients, respect for the state.

Work-life balance

We believe that a work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle are prerequisites for happy employees. And happy employees not only take good care of our clients, but also of their own families.


Honest business only creates real added value if all those involved in the business, i. e., employees, the state, business partners and social environment, derive the greatest possible benefit from the business. That means profits must be made, and bills and taxes must be paid on time. In this way, conditions are ensured not only for the growth of one’s own business, but also for the development of the economy.

Our partners